1.   The intended Branded Retail Program needed to accommodate more than 20 different types of Product Categories and yet carry a singular Brand Signature.


2.   Havells (being one of the Largest Companies in Electrical Switchgear), had plans of entering the FMEG –Fast Moving Electrical Goods and needed a Brand Makeover at the retail Level.


1.   Our Teams undertook an extensive Market Study and evolved a retail display strategy terming them as Havells Galaxies & Havells Galleries with world class display solutions.

2.   The team went ahead and created a Design SOP to enable Havells reach a Pan India presence in the shortest Span of Time with a Singular Brand Imagery.

3.   Our Pan India Bandwidth has assisted the Brand in acquiring more than 2.5 Lac Sq. Ft.



3.   The Electrical Market in India is characterized with an extremely cluttered display style.

Today, Havells is One of the Most Respected Brands in FMEG with a dominating retail presence of more than 300 Exclusive Retail Touch Points.